威客电竞-Apple feels your spam call pain. The company apparently filed a patent called Detection of spoofed call information that would enable an iPhone to check whether a call is legitimate.苹果公司早已感受到了你对骚扰电话的苦恼。日前,该公司申请人了一项取名为“检测欺骗性调用信息”的专利,该专利可以让iPhone检查电话否合法。

If its not, the phone would automatically either display a warning to the user or prevent call alerts, such as ringing and vibration. The patent was first spotted by Apple Insider.如果不合法,那么手机不会自动向用户表明警告或制止电话铃声和震动。这项专利年所是由Apple Insider明确提出的。How can a phone identify a spam or spoofed call?那么,一台手机如何辨识骚扰电话呢?The patent makes clear that the phone would check against established, legitimate call parameters in order to determine the validity of a call thats being connected.专利明确规定,手机将根据已创建的合法通话参数展开检查,以确认电话的真实性。

The phone would analyze the information being sent over the call, including network equipment identifiers, server identifiers and威客电竞 more.手机可以分析出有侵扰电话收到的信息,还包括网络设备标识符、服务器标识符等等。Apple isnt the only handset manufacturer working on this kind of technology. At Googles event this week, the company introduced a Call Screen feature that utilizes Google Assistant to help weed out spam calls.苹果并不是唯一一家致力于研究此类技术的手机制造商。谷歌公司在本周的活动中发售了一项屏幕调用功能,利用谷歌助手来清理垃圾电话。



Additionally, an update to the companys phone app from earlier this year sends spam calls directly to voicemail.此外,该公司今年早些时候对手机应用程序展开升级,可以将骚扰电话必要移往到语音信箱。Its important to note that Apple files many patents that it doesnt actually do anything with.值得注意的是,苹果公司申请人了许多实质上并没商业应用于的专利。But with spam calls on the rise, and people getting more and more frustrated by them (how many of you actually answer phone calls from numbers you dont recognize anymore?), having a feature like this on the iPhone could be incredibly useful.但随着骚扰电话数量的减少,人们对骚扰电话更加不得已(你们中有多少人实质上电话了自己不了解的电话号码?),在iPhone手机上安装这样的功能可能会十分简单。