Last month, artist Aaron Chervenak drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada to finally take the love for his smartphone to the next level by marrying it at a small wedding chapel. And yeah, in case you’re wondering, he even put a ring on it.上个月,艺术家亚伦坎维纳克从洛杉矶驱车前往内华达拉斯维加斯去升华他的手机之恋,在一家小婚礼教堂里与手机结成夫妻,他甚至还为手机戴着上了戒指。A study conducted by internet security giant Kaspersky found that a quarter of people ranked their smartphone as equally important to them as their parents. For a lot of us, it’s the last thing we interact with before going to sleep and the first thing we check when we wake up.网络安全巨头卡巴斯基的一项研究找到,有四分之一的人视手机与父母一样最重要。


对于我们多数人而言,睡前最后一件事与醒来时第一件事都是查阅手机。It’s with us pretty much 24/7. “We look to it for solace, to calm us down, to put us to sleep, to ease our mind, and to me that’s also what a relationship is about,” Aaron Chervenak said. So in a sense, my smartphone has been my longest relationship. 手机一周七天、二十四小时不间断和我们在一起。“我们向手机谋求恳求,手机安抚我们、老是我们睡、放开身心,于我而言,感情就是这样的,”亚伦坎维纳克如是说。

所以,或许上,手机仍然以来都是我最持久的爱情对象。“But a man-and-smartphone wedding wasn’t going to be the most orthodox ceremony in the world, so in order to get someone to marry him and his beloved handheld, Chervenak had to go to the place where bizarre weddings happen all the time – Las Vegas. He contacted the owner of The Little Las Vegas Chapel and he was not only ok with it, but genuinely excited.但人和智能手机的婚礼会是世上最正统的,为了嫁给他挚爱的携带型设备,坎维纳克去了拉斯维加斯,那里仍然以来都举行各种黑色幽默的婚礼。他和拉斯维加斯小教堂主人取得联系,获得了获准不说道,还心里激动不已。


On May 20th, Arron put on his tuxedo, took his phone and drove to the The Little Las Vegas Chapel in his purple Cadillac to get married. The wedding ceremony was small but very emotional, and you could see the groom was a bit nervous when saying his speech and putting the ring on the phone.5月20日,艾伦穿着上西装,拿着手机、进着他的紫色卡迪拉克,前往拉斯维加斯小教堂成婚。婚礼仪式小型却脉脉含情。看出新郎公开发表誓词和给手机带婚戒的时候有点点紧绷。“It’s not yet legal to marry smartphones, but what I hope my wedding will do is to somehow act as a symbolic gesture to show just how precious our phones are becoming in our daily lives, and hopefully get other to ask the same question of themselves.” Chervenak said.”嫁给智能手机目前还不合法,但我期望我的婚礼可以指出手机在我们日常生活中是有多贵重,有一定象征意义在,心里期望他人也可以问问自己某种程度的问题,“坎维纳克说。